The Veneration of Serpents

by Gallow God

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    Traditional Doom Metal, Heavy, slow and thoughtful they deal with themes ranging from the Occult and Lovecraftian horror to personal internal torments and world weary despondence.

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Gallow God are a traditional Doom Metal band in every sense of the word. They play, live and breathe Doom Metal. Their excellent debut album - The Veneration Of Serpents - is a throwback to the legendary Doom Metal scene of the 70s and 80s before bands started adding Stoner and Sludge Metal to the sound.

Samples of reviews.

"Gallow God has channeled the gods of early doom metal and heavy metal with The Veneration of Serpents, their debut full-length release. It reminds us that heavy metal contains the word ‘heavy’: slow, weighty, held-down. The album reminds me of Reverend Bizarre at times, even with the vocal styling. There are definitely influences from earlier forms of doom, such as Pentagram, Saint Vitus, and Candlemass (to name some commonly known bands). It is these styles that the band seems to salute, while creating their own path through the darkness. The music is slow to mid-paced, but never falls to a crawling speed. The emphasis seems to be on the slower heavy metal feel over a more extreme funereal feel. But the songs are woefully melancholic, never picking up to a lively pace. This is a stripped-down type of doom, which many bands have moved away from, opting for more ‘extreme’ music, but many fans miss the traditional feel; this is probably why it seems to be coming back with force. The production on the album does not sound dated, however, and it has a full sound." - Satans Music Box

"A Black Hole in London.
You need the right records to listen to when in isolation. And even if you aren't, its the content of the records that will make you feel that way. In cases like these, albums that come out of nowhere, like Gallow God's debut, become your merciless master!" - Metal Hammer

"It's been a long time since I truly appreciated a damn fine Doom Metal record. This is Doom Metal played and portrayed it's purest form and I loved every dark creepy second of it. So what it the album's highlight. Well I have to say it's the cover of a classic song they have provided here. Mainly the classic that is Scarborough Fair." - Sludgelord

"Had The Veneration of Serpents been released in 2012 it would have easily been the doom metal album of the year, even beating off competition for the excellent new releases by My Dying Bride and Candlemass. This year it will have the final Cathedral album to contend with, but even then it stands the best possible chance; it's simply essential." - JukeBox Metal

"With melody, brooding heavy riffs that are so diabolically slow - Gallow God has become to me, one of the best Doom bands out there. They seem to have that great formula perfected and have been one of the most impressive newer bands. They have very memorable hooks, powerful riffs and a vocalist that has a nasty rasp and yet can actually sing. Yes, the UK has always delivered metal that made the scene (Black Sabbath started the whole metal thing)... and they have once again." - MetalBite

"If you’re not salivating by now, you’ve probably come here by accident… or was it luck maybe? Either way, the promises have been kept, and even if the divinity may only pertain to the gallows, the cult should certainly gather many devout followers even among those who are not dancing to the rhythm of the wind with a slipknot bracing their necks." - Doom

"The band play a morose style of traditional doom metal while avoiding most of the more obvious cliches associated with the genre. The album carefully blends crushing doom, majestic and pure with passages of melancholic elegance and the entire album (especially the first half) flows with one hair-raising, spine-chilling, head-shattering moment after another. " - DoomMantia

"London, England’s Gallow God occupies that realm of majestic, emotive doom which is shared by the likes of Procession, Griftegård, Warning, and Pallbearer. With a runtime pushing near the 70 minute mark the eight tracks of the band’s debut full-length, ‘The Veneration of Serpents’, is a sweeping collection of immersive, soul-crushing doom punctuated with moments of calm, melancholic beauty." - Temple of Perdition

"The mournful magnificence of Dan Tibbals and Ricardo Veronese’s Gallow God project is something to take in. Those that have had the pleasure of hearing GG’s first release, False Mystical Prose or Veronese’s side project, Dea Marica’s Ritual of the Banished know what I mean. GG specialize in that especially morose kind of Traditional Doom Metal that gives reason to suspect that Sheldrake’s theory of Morphic Resonance may indeed have something to it. Metal this slow and this soaked in occultism and grief can only be spawned effectively on European soil. The fact they are based in the Occult Capital of the World - London, England – only lends upside to GG’s pedigree." - Hellride Music


released May 30, 2013

Daniel Tibbals - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano
Riccardo Veronese - Guitar, Bass, Piano
Mitch Barrett - Bass on The Circle
Jim Panlilo - Drums on At Eternity's Gate



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Gallow God London, UK

Gallow God is a Traditional Doom Metal band from London, England
The Band was started by Dan Tibbals and Riccardo Veronese in 2010.
They Relaesed their first EP False Mystical Prose on December 20th 2010 through PyscheDoomelic records on CD and Terror for Hell records on LP.
The band then released a full length album entitled "The Veneration of Serpents" in May 2013.
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