False Mystical Prose

by Gallow God

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In a world where physical beauty reigns supreme and the eye always seeks out that which is pleasing and appeasing, we tend to overlook the unfortunate ugly among us. Yes, ugly can be just as beautiful; that which is simply not attractive to the mass milieu is often the most overlooked poem in the notebook. Music, classical for example, is usually beautiful and enchanting in certain mediums. Then, rare cases as they are, the ugly music among us just takes a rusty buck knife, stained and worn, and carves initials into your skin at a slow, careful pace. You want to scream, but you can’t; the pain isn’t there and you know it should be…it’s just absent. You’re placated and resigned to just let it take over and hope it doesn’t change things too dramatically.

Review Samples

"Slow and ominous with the strength of melody, each of the four songs on this EP seems to shape into a story that is heavy and melancholy and yet seems to capture the imagination and sends the listener into the realm that is made. I cannot think of too many bands that could pull this all off while being so heavy. Some bands do come to mind, but Gallow God seems to be the one I enjoy." - MetalBite

"If you do not like the summer that lies ahead now and despise the laughing children, the sun, the warmth and all that stuff, then I got something for you to bring back the darker feelings of late autumn and winter. That thing is Gallow God’s first album called 'False Mystical Prose'. These guys do not allow the slightest glimpse of hope or happiness to shine through in their music. This is Doom the dark way. And I mean the real dark way. When you just listen to this album without knowing anything about the band but know your doom a little you could quickly tell where their influences are and they are mostly from their own native country England." - Cosmic Lava

"Clocking in around 40 minutes the four tracks here are epic and bold; from the mournful vocals on 'The Sin & Doom of Godless Men' to the gentle piano that heralds 'Ship of Nails'. This is an album cloaked in darkness, slow as a sloth on Mogadon and yet a thing of beauty at the same time. Vocalist/Guitarist Daniel Tibbals comes off like a young and tuneful Ozzy as walls of doom, that the master Iommi would be proud of, ring out. The album is not as inward looking as this review might imply though, there is a tinge of the forward lookingness that is contained in bands like Cathedral, Anathema (of old) and even pioneers Trouble as the 'Gods mix in folk-esque passages, death/doom and the aforementioned piano." - The Sleeping Shaman

"The epically sullen and powerful riffs that drive “The Sin and Doom of Godless Men” and especially “Summon The Rune Wizard” are triumphs, as is the overall effect of the expansive “Ship Of Nails”. The piano at the end of “The Emissary” adds great shading and effect, as does the audio effects that enhance “Ship of Nails” – both examples of a classy touch and a band acutely cognizant of the nuances that make Doom Metal such a powerful medium. False Mystical Prose is a brilliant album of true blooded UK Doom Metal that seems to shine more brilliantly because it lacks any other influence other than those that have treaded the great, dark and narrow path before them. Gallow God has a sound unsullied by trendy musical distractions or commercial appeal. It's epic, melancholic and classy. Feeling bad hasn’t felt this good in a long time." - Hellride Music

"From the United Kingdom (where else?) comes this foursome of the forlorn, and that’s praise indeed. It’s not a ‘dirty’ sound you’ll get from this EP; rather, it’s akin to being in a tight box and having the wooden sides just press ever slowly into your body, keeping you, even forcing you to submit, and the mood is such that you don’t even mind the impending horror. Sonically sobering, False Mystical Prose is what doom metal was built on, my friends. Sabbath may have started it, but I’m sure even Mister Iommi and crew would have to bow to the younger generation’s take on such funeral dirges. The torch is passed forever and all we can do is simmer in this swelter. If black metal is meant to be cold, then this album is warm and comfortable, yet still uneasy in spots so as not to lull you into total subservience." - MetalPsalter

"Each track is a cleverly chiseled diamond with plenty of facets that sometimes shine like Thergothon, sometimes are very reminiscent of the light cast by Cathedral’s own jewel: Forest of Equilibrium. The sound and musical codes of Doom Death, or even more extreme Doom, mixed with the epic feel of Traditional Doom without sounding awkward or stiff. Sure the few growled parts found in the last two tracks may feel a bit over the edge for someone subscribing to the Circle of True Doom, but these two songs sure don't walk with a limp." - Doom Metal.com

"False Mystical Prose may only feature four tracks but they’re daring, haunting and powerful. Chances are you’ll hear quite a bunch of different influences in Gallow God’s sound but the epic feat here is that they’ve taken most of the Extreme Doom Metal codes and arranged it into Traditional Doom Metal. Did you get that? Should I reformulate it? OK. Gallow God play Traditional Doom Metal with arrangements very close to Doom Death. Can't make it any clearer." - Spirit of Metal


released December 20, 2010

Dan Tibbals - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Piano
Riccardo Veronese - Guitars, Bass, Piano, Backing Vocals
Mixed By Gallow God
Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering



all rights reserved


Gallow God London, UK

Gallow God is a Traditional Doom Metal band from London, England
The Band was started by Dan Tibbals and Riccardo Veronese in 2010.
They Relaesed their first EP False Mystical Prose on December 20th 2010 through PyscheDoomelic records on CD and Terror for Hell records on LP.
The band then released a full length album entitled "The Veneration of Serpents" in May 2013.
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Track Name: The Sin and Doom of Godless Men
In the darkness, I’ve waited for you
Flame of righteous light
To empty hands bled my empty heart
With a Portent, unbalanced and so unkind
In the beginning there were times
I’d wish the Sun would never rise

As the swine, feed on fire and dread
Condemned upon the line
Bind that sin, within your broken skin
Be wary of the solace that you may find
In the beginning he would rise
To stare the sun out of the sky
Stand tall with the willingness of time
The sin and doom of godless men
Track Name: The Emissary
With a mourning cry, the unspoken name
Upon traitor’s footsteps it came
And I recall, a good friend of mine
Had told me the story one night
Rejoice within depravity
The children broke bread, as they cried
Avert thine eyes as the saint’s aghast
And scream so loud the trinity hear

Lay gracefully beside me in this subdued light
Between silent darkness and this exquisite pain
Basking in the gloom of an aching flame
That glitters unknowingly as the passing of time
And ages fall as grains of sand swept from my shores
Awash with my yearning
The taming of the land
To purify the raging thirst
Exhale that last cold breath
It holds you to life
Cling to it my darling
Radiate with dying beauty

Forbidden taste, leave your guilt behind
Delight and be damned to burn and to cry
Be pious, receive me, succumb as they watch
Your soul to your witness forsaken and lost
Torn and aching their fires lay doused
Virtue in ruin and my taste in their mouth
So they are tempted one by one
All sheep will fall and the flock will be done
Track Name: Summon the Rune Wizard
Foretold are hidden words
Etched in stone, names still fade
mournful rhyme singing out
having no understanding of what they say

For one so old
There’s no grief or shame
He wept afresh, and rode towards the storm

Through the gloom, I raised my eyes and saw
the pale face of the wizard
pray tell, fearful question
Tell of All Farther and what he would have me do?

To suffer these warnings
Had fallen with him
I’ve seen the dead line up, and curse his name

So he found a doom
and he lay as the dead
once the great Enchanter of time
Slowly his anger died

Arise from the sleepless night
A burden so heavy, he couldn’t breathe
Those who tried, tried and failed
For them, now sunlight has fled

Beacon of sorrow
To carry their names
in quiet words that form no truth or bond

Things pass, and time lost its way
Dust suspended in silent still air
Behold story of dreadfulness
Knowledge can do such awful things to a mind

for one so old
There’s no grief or shame
He wept afresh, and rode towards the storm
Track Name: Ship of Nails
Here I am
Waiting to die
My blood running cold
I feel the caress
Of springs sweet breeze
Is this how it ends
Breath... Breath... again
They won’t have my nails
I’ve suffered for glory
Suffered the pain
Now Ice fills my veins
And where are the maidens
Where is my father
Is death not enough?
Stand... rise...and take your place
Or sail with the damned

Failing that, let rain upon my skin
Deeper into the earth I sink
My strength has left, I’m fading now away
The black ship shall work its new mate

Brace the black main sail
Men’s skin and hair
The fair wind blows foul
I see no bright star
Within frozen sky
To plot my course
Sail... Latitudes... Sail
Until twilight calls
I bequeath my endings
I curse the sea
I scream at gray waves
Keep your heart faultless
And remain well kept
Death can be swift
And Breath... Breath... Again
In this nightmare with me